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Print Fleet Management

Print Fleet Management

Your printer fleet is a vital part of your day-to-day operations. If it doesn’t match up with your specific business needs, it can create unnecessary expenses and keep you from working as efficiently as possible.

With Print Fleet Management—an important part of Integrated Business Solutions of Hawaii’s Managed Print Services—you can make sure that your printing solution meets your needs and keep productivity high. We’ll help you figure out the exact number and type of devices you require and keep them in sound working order.

Benefits of Print Fleet Management
With IBSH’s Managed Print services, you get full access to our highly trained, friendly technicians. They have the knowledge and resources to:

- Determine which printers and other devices will best meet your needs
- Install devices quickly and with as little inconvenience as possible
- Respond to service calls and resolve equipment issues with unmatched speed
- We also draw from our stock of superior office technology to optimize your printing solution. Click the link for details on available equipment.

Contact us if you have any questions about Print Fleet Management or our Managed Print services in general.

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