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Sometimes called all-in-one printers, multifunction printers are perfect for organizations that want to optimize their document processes. Integrated Business Solutions of Hawaii’s stock of MFPs enable you to not just copy or print documents quickly, but also scan them for storage on your network or distribution via email.

Benefits of IBSH’s Multifunction Printers

High Print Speeds and Volumes

IBSH’s multifunction devices allow you to produce dozens of detailed, error-free prints and copies within minutes.

They also have the ability to print tens of thousands of pages each month. The high monthly duty cycles help ensure that your equipment won’t break down at the wrong times.

Document Sharing and Storage Options

MFPs enable you to scan documents and store them on your network. The high dpi resolutions of our devices allow your digital files to retain the details of your original documents. Also, you can integrate our devices with our available document solutions software to process documents even faster, then quickly and easily access them later. You can fax and email documents directly from our MFPs as well. These features allow you to share information and collaborate with others more efficiently.

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