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Cloud Services

Save Money. Get Mobile. Stay Connected. Secure Your Data.

Technological advances have given organizations greater flexibility for doing business and getting work done.


Integrated Business Solutions of Hawaii is excited to offer Cloud Services for companies of all sizes. We can help your organization cut down costs relating to:

  • Hardware maintenance

  • Software updates

  • Administration hours

  • Details of Cloud Services

IBSH’s Cloud Services can be scaled to meet the needs and budgets of different clients. Available services include:

Virtual Desktop

Fully managed virtual servers give you the same services as onsite servers but without the costs of installing and maintaining them.


Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

IBSH keeps your critical data backed up and stored in a secure, offsite location. This will help minimize downtime in case a disaster damages your systems.


Cloud Business Continuity Services

If your systems fail or your office is damaged by a flood or other disaster, IBSH can help ensure that your organization continues to operate.


Pay As You Grow

Reduce operational costs with Always On managed services. Avoid investing in needless equipment and reduce payroll expenses with cloud services.


To discuss our Cloud Services with a member of our IT team, contact us for a no-obligation assessment.

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