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A few basic values serve as the foundations for IBSH’s business:


Buy Akamai, Buy Local

We take great pride in being a Hawaiian company. We employ the brightest and most dedicated people from right here in the Aloha State. Our employees give the best service to our customers because they’re just like them.


One-on-One Service

We’re not some huge, faceless, labyrinthine corporate entity. When you contact us, you’ll get an actual person. Not only that, you’ll get someone with the skills and the power to make decisions and get things done.


The Customer Comes First

At IBSH, we work hard for the right to call ourselves technology experts. However, we also know that expertise doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t benefit you. That’s why we take the time to understand your specific business goals before we recommend solutions. In this way, we ensure that we truly meet your needs.

History of IBSH

Integrated Business Solutions of Hawaii (IBSH) was founded in 1997 by Mike Murray and Dan Hollembaek. The two men started working together back in the early 1980s for one of the world’s top office equipment companies. Mike and Dan have learned a lot from their combined 50+ years of experience in the industry. Some of their biggest lessons have evolved over how large non-local corporations let their customers not understanding the Hawaiian way They saw how those companies became less efficient and lose that crucial personal touch. When Dan and Mike decided to start their own business, they resolved to hold onto the good things they learned and do away with the rest. That simple resolution has been the secret to IBSH’s success from day one to today. Our company has grown to be the largest locally owed office equipment sales and service company in Hawaii, located on all islands. We have done so by treating all customers exactly how we want to be treated, the Hawaiian way with Aloha. All decisions are made here that involve our customer interests. We also try to make it easy for our customers by providing a wide variety of products and services. Top rated MFP’s, Software solutions, VOIP and IT services. We also can offer office products through our Maui location. Our motto has always been “make one call and get the job done”.

Our Key Values

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Administrative Team

STUDIO 3-221014 IBSolutions-407 Mike.jpg

Mike Muray


STUDIO 3-221014 IBSolutions-503 Dan.jpg

Dan Hollembaek


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Sarah Hollembaek

Secretary, Treasurer

STUDIO 3-221014 IBSolutions-205 Lou.jpg

Lou Borja

Vice President


STUDIO 3-221014 IBSolutions-304 Max.jpg

Max Belhaj

Vice President


STUDIO 3-221014 IBSolutions-608 Lisa.jpg

Lisa Robinson


STUDIO 3-221014 IBSolutions-708 Daniel.jpg

Daniel Hollembaek

Vice President


Our Technology Partners

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