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Wide Format

Wide Format

Some print jobs require something larger than a standard 8.5” x 11” sheet. Clients who need larger documents can come to Integrated Business Solutions of Hawaii. We offer a selection of wide format printers that give you the ability to produce:

Blueprints and Architectural Designs
Full Color & Black/White Output
Oversized Drawings
Marketing Materials
Toner and Inkjet Models available.
Advantages of IBSH’s Wide Format Printers
Our available wide format printers come with the following outstanding features:

Fast Print Speeds
Our devices can produce dozens of large prints in just a matter of minutes at a low cost, allowing you to make changes on demand.

Internal Memory
You can store thousands of documents on our wide format printer’s hard drives. This allows you to make reproductions whenever the need arises.. Don’t see this being a necessary item

Multiple types of Media
With the ability to print onto various types of media, you can use our devices for much more than everyday printing. Water Resistant paper, Poly Banner Materials, Gloss Bond and Adhesive Films; allow you do create your own marketing materials.

Update Tracking
You can keep track of markups and other changes you make to your documents on our devices. This lets you reduce downtime and avoid costly errors on projects. This applies more so to AEC market software (Blue Beam,) and could be confusing.

Editing Options
With a wide format printer from IBSH, you can make changes to your documents directly from the device. Features include:

Magnify Size
Image and Format Overlay
Auto/Manual Enlargement or Reduction
Printing an “Area of Interest”
Scanning Capabilities
Our devices also enable you to scan your documents to a variety of file formats and locations, including:

Network Folders
Cloud Sharing Services; including Drop Box, Box, Google Drive and Sharepoint

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